A Folktale

A Folktale,

This love was Folktale
We have been through

This love was a mirage
That came in the afternoon

You abandoned me completely
And this abdication was killing me slowly

You were bawling on me like a beast
And my capillaries were totally seized

Claustrophobia of clave
Turned me into your sleeve

This conceit of your’s broke our love
And we were no more lovely dove

My conations were trying to conciliate you
And you agreed like a devour dew

I eke our relationship before it elapsed
Suddenly you came to me & just clasped

The sensuous sentiments came with reasons
And here came back our lovely love seasons

You separate my sepals of feelings
And touched me like a septette’s healing

Nothing could disturb our serenity
There’s nothing between us like no severity

This silver lining was an end like train for a new tale
And this love was nothing but a Folktale. ..



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