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As a blogger…                                                             photo-sachin-kr-gupta. 

Started working as blogger, Blogging is the passion and thoughts. I want to broadcast my ideas around the world. Hindi is the most popular language in the world. Let’s help to spreading more our Indian culture by it.
"हकीम कहाँ है कोई तजुर्बे सा।
यहां अश्को से मसंद गीला है
और हमें मुस्कुराता देख,
लोग कह रहे हैं मियां,
जिंदगी तो तुम जी रहे हो।"
Law graduate in 2019 and Practicing as an Advocate in Delhi.

Sachin Gupta


As an Author…

Started working as editor, An author by profession. I have written so many quotes, poems & Monologues in my life.

“कुछ ख्वाहिशें मेरी, बर्फ के मकान सी।
जैसे मस्जिद में गीता, मंदिर में कुर-आन सी ।।”

 Graduate in 2019 and Pursuing for Teachers Training

Sapan Agrawal


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