An Open Letter To Uddu Bhai

I always wanted a big brother,
And we met in an online group.

We started formal chatting first,
A bit mistakes i did but being the head here also he protected me like an wiser elder brother unknowingly.

We saved contacts and often talked about work,
Then those formal chats became informal and now almost no boundaries at all.

His words seem as caring as an elder brother,
His words seem as teasing as a real brother does.

Contacts changed,
From formal name to Uddu Bhai it turned.

The way he makes me smile is awesome,
People say don’t trust easily but it was something natural you know.

A bond of love had begin,
And finally I got my elder brother in face of him.

Talked a lot,
Smiled a lot.

Listened to his stories,
Told him mine and now it’s time to be forever grateful to him.

Thank you Uddu bhai for all your love and support and care,
May this love flourish & I nourish being your lovely younger sister forever.

Love you lots and I know you love me too,
Just a few words I said, pardon me if something wrong I ever said. ❤💙💖


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