Belief & Karma

Calling the names, were their Karma
And Struggling &Fighting was her Dharma
Being a transgender, School seemed so far
But her dedication was even more hard
What even if her parents had left her
But even in the pound of mud, she know her bestir
She was so hard, that luck had to change
Even the misfortune felt out of range
Living into a Trans community was never so bad
But Depriving from Education could make her dead
Going to a slum school made her stronger
Studying without any friend took her longer
Though she was self-contained
Empathy would have worked fine
Becoming a doctor, became her divine
She worked hard to get the scholarship
College had to acknowledge her work worship
She studied along with part time jobs
Managing her all own expenses, never getting into Trans hobs
Because of her Eagerness to learn, without any support or funds
She was a Acknowledged as Cheetah
She became the first Trans Doctor of India
She always believed in her Karma’s, never in miracle
She always said all religions & genders must be treated equal

-: Anshul Jain :-

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