Don’t sacrifice yourself to the sacrifices,
Don’t take all those maniacal crises…
Keep it simple keep it straight,
Hide your NameShow till your fame rises…

Fall for your own passion,
Don’t fall for the transient fellows…
Stick to your goals ‘Mate’,
Don’t go to the rubbish mellows…

Leave all the unbelievers- Just believe your own senses,
Don’t go too far to cultivate the brain- Be in your own senses…
Go for the best strengths you have,
Don’t reveal anything to all those three tenses…

Sacrifice to the dreams of your own dreamland,
Don’t act for another’s wasteland…
Sacrifice to quit yourself for the selfish Living ‘Deads’,
Make it happen all the time and Shut all those chattering ‘Heads’…


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He’s my superhero,
And the secret keeper of all my zeroes.
When I fell down, he taught me how
to stand up stronger.
Instead of making boundaries,
He taught me, it’s important to explore.
I’ve seen him work dusk to dawn
To fulfill my needs and wants,
But never heard him say, “I can’t.”
He gets me the most expensive valuables
And for that, he works extra hours instead of taking rest.
I’ve also seen him do the impossibles.
While he taught me, “everything is possible”
If I understand the power of unstoppable.
He’s my magician who can hide all his pain,
He can shine like the sun even when it rains.
He has made me his independent girl
With lots of unuttered sacrifices.
Yes, I’ve got a superhero,
who knows the secrets behind my zeroes.

-Megha P. Yadav

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Salient Sacrifice

Salient sacrifice

Salient Sacrifice
Sacrifice is a rainbow,
Radiates different shades,
Each color has it’s a peculiarity,
Elaborates earnest quality.
Mother’s sacrifice is a lightning rod,
Draws love and care,
Dampens in their own image.
Father’s sacrifice dwells,
In telescoping the future of children,
Keeping in mind,
Undying hope of positivity.
Teacher’s sacrifice,
In interweaving himself,
In encouraging students,
His students are,
Lifetime achievements,
He dreams a brightening tomorrow,
Guru is always in front of the row.
Warrior’s sacrifice,
Continues his grim march across LOC,
Stern and stable to serve more and more for the country.
Doctor’s sacrifice,
Carries the impression of almighty,
Being at hand as a helping hand, always attentive in divine duty.
Sacrifice is done by all,
In their apt way,
Life itself a sacrifice,
A desiring, devotional ray.
Meenakshi Kapoor

DEAR HISTORYDear Zindagi, News

Time is the limit

Time is the limit

Time is the Limit,

Time Wakes me up- Time sleeps me down,
Time shows me the real me- With The dusk and The dawn.

 A stitch in time saves nine
These rapid red veins they all are mine,
Time takes me to all the shelves of hidden success- I follow that path with all the best acts.

– Time is the mate of all those nightingale tones when awake-
Those sweet memories that are still to be made.
Time likes the way I perform the daily pledged shows- With all my might and those voices that I follow.

Time is the limit…
He waits for none- Time will introduce himself as he is the only one.

Time is the limit…
He challenges you to enter the world rage,
You can’t win that buddy as he is the witty riddle and you are only a minimal phrase.

✍kabiryashhh (Yash Sharma)✍

Insta- @kabiryashhh @poets_nation

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Time oh Time

Time oh Time

Time oh time!
How is it possible,
That you are always here
still not mine?

Just to save you, I spend you.
And hence In all this, I end you.
I left laziness, so very less I slept,
Still see Life says, “you have no time left.”

How is it possible,
That you are always here
still not mine?

I quit playing to read,
as a kid.
In teenager turned face from the crush,
thinking let pass this time which is worse.
Whole life I struggled to make Time Mine,
Still, now I rhyme
You are here,
But I am not left with time…..

©️Dr Ritu Dhankhar ✍🏼 जिंदगी
Instagram: @lifeisawesome_rd

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Dear History

Dear History,

There’s a historical authenticity in your presence. You are thought with your methodical record of our past events. You are a glimmer of hope for mankind.

You are carrying the burden of humanities cussed and hideous history hifalutin sometimes. Your words are high strung for us. And sometimes they are homiletic.

You are a world within the world. The incense of your incorruptible indefatigable work of keeping years of events together and showing it to the world is just meritorious.

Thank you so much for your revitalization of memories. Thank you so much for revivifying human history.

Dear History By Amruta_Patil

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Dear Mask


I love your spotlessness. You are very sincere in your work.

You know what, you have a deep thought & consideration about work.

Sometimes we humans prioritize ourselves with evanescent foolishness.

But now after wearing you, we look equal to each other.

Those stumblers are now started to talk to everyone with confidence.

What? How? It’s because of you. You covered each & every face these days.

Also, you covered those faces with whom those stumblers speak hesitatingly. Isn’t it funny? Actually, very funny.

Our rapturous & covetous nature covered by you.Your softness clams our in satiety.

You are a monotheist to human beings. Actually, the presiding deity you are for us.

You are trying your best to save humanity from all those unseen, unhealthy, venomous things.

Thanks are just not enough for your assistance. Nevertheless, Thanks a billion for all your kindness and love.

Dear Mask- By : Amruta_Patil


Coffee – A Love Symbol


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इस जहाँ में खुद्दारी ना होती,
हम ना होते वफादारी ना होती।

अगर इन्सानियत का यही उसूल है,
तो बड़ी बातें करना फिजूल है।

हैवान जब तुम्हारे अन्दर खड़ा है,
मेरी मानो जानवर तुमसे बड़ा है।

फर्ज और कर्म दोस्तों वाली करता हूँ,
चोरों से घर बचा पर्व दिवाली करता हूँ।

खुद भले तुम्हारी गालियों से रोता हूँ,
तुम्हारे घर की हर पल रखवाली करता हूँ।

हैवानियत के चक्रव्यूह में फस जाते हो,
नाग बन आकर मुझे ही डस जाते हो।

जख्म देकर मुझे आखिर क्या करते हो,
खुद से ही तुम क्यों दगा करते हो।

मैनें मालिक के आगे हमेशा सिर झुकाया है,
तुम्हारे नमक का मैंने ऋण भी चुकाया है।

तुमको वो सब तो दे दिया है मैंने,
अंश भोजन का जितने तुम्हारा खाया है।

हमारे बिना तुम्हारे वाली कौन करेगा,
मार खाकर भी घर की रखवाली कौन करेगा।



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Every time I strive to live life with a positive vibe

Instead, to left situation, I strive to face and solve it

Strive to cross the difficult part of life

Strive to live in the order of word of god

It’s a part of life till the dead-end come of life

We will strive in every hard and soft part to get a happy and healthy life

Shubham Shrivastava



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