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Rain full of Love,
It was the purest rain of love.

The moments of fun and enthusiasm,
The moments of peace and enjoyment.

Rain of love it is,
Rain of fulfillment it is.

It was always rain which gave the sight of our first love,
All the meetings of ours were rainy and full of love.

Yes, it’s always has been the rain of love and only true love,
Yes, it’s always have been the moments when we have come closer by souls.

Whether be it meetings,
Whether be it eating on roadsides.

Whether be it our first meeting,
Whether be it our moments of remembrance.

Whether be it our confession,
Whether be it our aggression.

Whether be it peace,
Whether be it any menace.

It was always rain,
It was always rain of love.

The rain that brought us close,
The rain that cleared all our misunderstandings.

The rain which cleared up all our confusions,
The rain made me gain all my confidence.

Yes, it was really rain of love,
The rain filled with just love.

The rain of love,
The rain of gain.

The rain of loss,
The rain of choice.

The rain of love which wrote our story,
The rain of love which binds us and narrates our love story.

The rain of love and truth,
The rain of the utmost beautiful environmental scenes and peace.




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I feel I was destined to write because,
My heart and mind never stopped meeting to all the limits of my life.

I was destined to write because I feel too very lucky to have this quality of playing with words,
I feel I can easily make words strike on directly from the heart to mind.

All that intense pressure and pain and pleasure of my life,
I made a way for me to express my feelings and thoughts freely through writing and so I feel I was destined to write.



True & Pure Commitment

Love with utmost,
Care to lead to a happy,
A life filled with utmost pure,
Feelings and showering blessings and having pure,
Emotions leading to a happy life full of,
Happiness and success which drains out all the,
The sadness of our lives and having,
Words of wisdom which help us keep up to our,
Virtues and beliefs resulting in,
Perfection is the correct form of commitment in life.


The Days


All that slays isn’t really beautiful,
All those smiles isn’t due to happiness.
Sometimes many things are done just for the cliche of time and need of people,
So don’t underestimate as well as don’t overpower yourself with false hopes.
Be real and face reality,
Avoid fakeness and feel real.



So what if I am broken for now,
It’s just a mere part of this never-ending life’s exams and lessons.
I am still strong enough to face the world and it’s challenging,
Being broken for now doesn’t mean that I am broken for a lifetime.



He told her his most intimate thoughts and secrets.
That’s how much he loved her.

By Amruta_Patil

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A Folktale

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A Folktale

A Folktale

A Folktale,

This love was Folktale
We have been through

This love was a mirage
That came in the afternoon

You abandoned me completely
And this abdication was killing me slowly

You were bawling on me like a beast
And my capillaries were totally seized

Claustrophobia of clave
Turned me into your sleeve

This conceit of your’s broke our love
And we were no more lovely dove

My conations were trying to conciliate you
And you agreed like a devour dew

I eke our relationship before it elapsed
Suddenly you came to me & just clasped



A beautiful confusion she is,
A girl full of talent she is.

Making everything perfect is her goal,
Being the most loveable is just her goal.

Sometimes being famous she aims,
Then it is the most secret one she aims for.

A-beautiful-confusion she is,
An unsolved mystery she is.

The happy being was known,
Sad being unknown.

Knows everything,
But keeps mum.

Don’t know what’s going on,
Just a-beautiful-confusion she is.

A journey of happiness is on,
A new way of carefreeness is now on.


Just Confusion All-Around

From Flesh to Soul


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Cry of Surprise, I learn by going where I have to go
Sometimes I wake to sleep & my waking slow
And my cry of surprise says hallo
The sky at sunset glows
You took a deep breath and your thoughts below
Nature has another plan for us you know
Here’s winter, wine & song for us so
Yet the day is over long below
Some things render us strong
Like a graceful Willow along
This love was always Overdrawn
And it snags me for lifelong
Sometimes I wake to sleep & my waking slow…


Just Confusion All Around

The Beauty of Flowers

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Just Confusion All Around

Just Confusion All Around

Just confusion all around,
Don’t know who is really around.

Sometimes beautiful,
Sometimes ugly.

Sometimes peaceful,
Sometimes a war situation.

The world is a confusing mystery,
The world is really a beautiful mystery.

Don’t know whom to trust,
Don’t know whom to avoid.

Just confusions all around,
But happiness all around.


The Beauty of Flowers

Two Swans

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Memories Or Reality

Memories Or Reality

Memories Or Reality
#Memories Or Reality

Memories Or Reality, My mind says reality,
My heart still staying with memories.

People say face reality,
Memories are just the lessons of serenity.

A battle between memories and reality continues forever,
Let’s live the memories facing realities and keep the both near forever.

Reality is myth,
Memories are the faded truth.

Reality bring you back to present preventing you to hail your future,
Memories with time become more closer to us than any past time ever.

So let’s end this battle,
So let’s solve this riddle.

Cherishing memories,
Building more memories with the passing time.

Facing reality,
And learning something new every time.


Unconditional Love of Shepherd



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Unconditional Love of Shepherd

Unconditional Love of Shepherd

Unconditional Love of Shepherd

Poetry type : Pastoral free verse

A shepherd
A passionate lover
Praises his love

Transpire to live with me
And be my life and soul
To confine
To comprehend eachother
We lovely dove

The galaxy
The milky way
Or the sphere
Yield with love
To let us aware

Azure love and
Divine utterance
Will figure out things
With their preference

Those ancient
eminence and valley
Are going to be
Our gally

We sitting on the rocks
Seeing how the shepherd
Feeds his flocks

Those vary mountains
To its rocks
I’ll attempt those
Anemity of your
Harmonious hark

Glib tributary
And raced down series
Of cascade
Stands for us
From decades

Alluring mellifluous
Avis will squeal
Golden oldie thus

Lovely chenille
Warm cashmere
Lustrous vicuna
With some Egyptian puma & supima

Io cover Amor with
Higher thread counts
To wear thee
And it becomes more softer
Amor with every round

A robe contrived
Whispy floccus
Which arise from
Fairly yoe wool merino & some vicunas

And mauve sandals
To control the trill of cold
With a hook of
Sunshine gold

Thee made these things
To prove their
Bioscopic love
Thee bleep with blithering blith
Like a blimp bloke

These pleasures
May thee move
Ensue to live with me
And be my moon

The shepherds cows & cats
Can frisk and chant
For thy to take
Eachother high

If these illuminating thy
Mind may move
Then live with me
And be my soon
Shepherds heart is
Musing in tune




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Unconditional Love of Shepherd

Real Meaning of Family


Real Meaning of Family, Family a small word in English Dictionary,
But a very important word in real life.

It’s the strength to overcome all hurdles,
It’s the strength to make anything possible.

When you are sad,
You go on family picnics and everything is fine.

When you are in a joint family,
You have enormously too many people who shower love on you.

When you are in a small family,
You have your parents and siblings to play with.

But when you belong to a broken family,
You are like a lost wanderer in this world who has everything but no love and real happiness.

Family means the world of real happiness,
Family means the support system which encourages you for good and stops you when you are lost.

#Happy Family Day❤

Real Meaning of Family,


खुशी परिवार था

परिवार एकता और प्यार से बनता हैं


अनकहा”-A solo performance by Ujjval Shukla, YouTube

Dear Mummy

Dear Mummy

You are mentor
You are my guarantor
Oh my madre
You are my forefather

Your love is like a mystical moon
And I feel safe like it’s your womb
You turn my worst into best
And with this blessing I’ll live life with happiest rest

You whirl my wry smile
Into a camouflaged chamomile 
Sometime I reflect each others obliquely
But in next moment your words comes to me sleekly 

I know things needs to be change
Lot of ideas around us with disdain
Till time I will stand by my own
Because I am part of your flesh & bone

Deep within my soul
Your thoughts will always blown
One day I’ll call you upon
To let go my inner aune

Oh my dear Mummy
If I could twirl the time
I’ll be with you till existence of Sunshine
And we’ll be blessed with spirits divine.


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