Circumstances are also too weird,
Sometimes favourable Sometimes Unfavourable!
Sometimes fair sometimes unfair,
But the thing which never changes is life!
Circumstances never are same,
Circumstances aren’t in our control!
They never rule us,
Nor we can rule them!
Circumstances a simple word and a long journey to conquer,
A simple word to a long hectic journey of life where at all moments of life you have to face different situations different circumstances!
It’s about life not circumstances,
These always keep on changing!
Neither happiness stays forever,
Nor sadness!
Circumstances are a part of life,
And life is a journey from nothing to everything and again from everything to nothing!
So if you loose hope don’t blame circumstances,
They keep on changing just keep your karma going on and these circumstances will never make you weak or make your smile flush away from your pretty face!
Just trust yourself and keep karma on,
Circumstances are just a mere thing and they will surely change.







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