I love your spotlessness. You are very sincere in your work.

You know what, you have a deep thought & consideration about work.

Sometimes we humans prioritize ourselves with evanescent foolishness.

But now after wearing you, we look equal to each other.

Those stumblers are now started to talk to everyone with confidence.

What? How? It’s because of you. You covered each & every face these days.

Also, you covered those faces with whom those stumblers speak hesitatingly. Isn’t it funny? Actually, very funny.

Our rapturous & covetous nature covered by you.Your softness clams our in satiety.

You are a monotheist to human beings. Actually, the presiding deity you are for us.

You are trying your best to save humanity from all those unseen, unhealthy, venomous things.

Thanks are just not enough for your assistance. Nevertheless, Thanks a billion for all your kindness and love.

Dear Mask- By : Amruta_Patil


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