Dear Mother Nature

Each morning I wake up to see the chirping of the birds, their constant inclination to fly. I feel blessed.
Each Afternoon when I see the sun, I feel the necessity of light. I feel blessed.
Each night, when the complete sky is covered with enormous dark, you still possess the shimmering of the moon, and stars. I feel blessed.
Each time when I see trees, around me, their striving efforts to survive. I feel blessed.
Each time when I see clouds moving, I sense the importance of time. I feel blessed.
Each time when I see water, I see your benignant to supply what you know is essential for us. I feel blessed.
Each time whenever a breeze hits me, I feel you’re cuddling me, giving me your blessing. I feel blessed.
Each time when I see any animal around me, I do feel your message of giving us company for the time when we humans distrust each other’s, there still will be responsible ones to take care of us. I feel blessed.
There are a thousand things that you do for us, considering us, for each one of us, without any discrimination. I do feel blessed.
Not many times it happens that we humans realize your presence, & importance. But, in times like this, we really do. Thanking you for everything.

By: Anshul Jain


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