Dear Mummy

You are mentor
You are my guarantor
Oh my madre
You are my forefather

Your love is like a mystical moon
And I feel safe like it’s your womb
You turn my worst into best
And with this blessing I’ll live life with happiest rest

You whirl my wry smile
Into a camouflaged chamomile 
Sometime I reflect each others obliquely
But in next moment your words comes to me sleekly 

I know things needs to be change
Lot of ideas around us with disdain
Till time I will stand by my own
Because I am part of your flesh & bone

Deep within my soul
Your thoughts will always blown
One day I’ll call you upon
To let go my inner aune

Oh my dear Mummy
If I could twirl the time
I’ll be with you till existence of Sunshine
And we’ll be blessed with spirits divine.


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