Dear Soul Mate

Dear so called soul mate,
I am talking about the soul that you ate.

I pleasured your presence
Now only absence is felt.

I still remember the day you came
Felt like the wind was blowing hard, but time lamed.

Just like a cool breeze in a desert
You soothed my deserted life

Feeling your embrace,
I felt that ardour tide.

You made me felt far more greener than my size
Only later I realised that deceiting happiness of your disguise.

When you again asked for the money, I really hadn’t much anymore,
You left me calling my arrogance, which was never there, for our relationship to go sour.

You not only robbed me of money, but also of my women hood.
The Pain I felt, made me even hard to stood.

The working for a woman was already a stone enough.
Your pretence left me skeptical about me, and every stuff.

I thought you of a beacon, but came you a conduit for a devil.
But it was me who believed you my soul mate, so on whom the blame stand will?

Now, my life is greener where you left it
Because the pain you caused, I stand it.

In the time of a drought in my life, I was the one who called rain
And watered the parts who long got drained.

I, now, don’t give any chance to curse my fate.
Because its only me nowadays who understands one self, so I have became my own soul mate.

-: Anshul Jain :-



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