I feel I was destined to write because,
My heart and mind never stopped meeting to all the limits of my life.

I was destined to write because I feel too very lucky to have this quality of playing with words,
I feel I can easily make words strike on directly from the heart to mind.

All that intense pressure and pain and pleasure of my life,
I made a way for me to express my feelings and thoughts freely through writing and so I feel I was destined to write.



True & Pure Commitment

Love with utmost,
Care to lead to a happy,
A life filled with utmost pure,
Feelings and showering blessings and having pure,
Emotions leading to a happy life full of,
Happiness and success which drains out all the,
The sadness of our lives and having,
Words of wisdom which help us keep up to our,
Virtues and beliefs resulting in,
Perfection is the correct form of commitment in life.


The Days


All that slays isn’t really beautiful,
All those smiles isn’t due to happiness.
Sometimes many things are done just for the cliche of time and need of people,
So don’t underestimate as well as don’t overpower yourself with false hopes.
Be real and face reality,
Avoid fakeness and feel real.



So what if I am broken for now,
It’s just a mere part of this never-ending life’s exams and lessons.
I am still strong enough to face the world and it’s challenging,
Being broken for now doesn’t mean that I am broken for a lifetime.



He told her his most intimate thoughts and secrets.
That’s how much he loved her.

By Amruta_Patil

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