Envelopes Of Your Memories

Whenever I miss you,
I often watch out those envelopes of your love!
Which make me feel happy in my bad times,
Which work as the savior of mine!

Those envelopes of your memories,. Are just awesome!
Making me blush,
And bringing a beautiful smile on my face!

Those envelopes of your memories,
Are precious for me!
Not just love but lots of care and peace for me,
I am blessed to have you for me!

Those envelopes of your memories,
Make me feel better at times!
Sometimes making me feel happy,
Sometimes making me feel shy!

Whenever you aren’t around,
I read those envelopes almost a thousand times!
They aren’t just envelopes,
But the beautiful memories of our lives!

They are black and white,
Making me do everything with all my might!
Making me happy and healthy,
Making me feel that you are by my side!

Envelopes are an old thing now,
But for me are my favourite thing to show!
I often wonder if they won’t be there,
How much I could have been miserable!

Those envelopes of our memories,
Are the bestest gift you could have ever given me!
Those beautiful memories,
Those envelopes of love!
Those days of love,
Those envelopes of memories are the only treasure of our love!


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