Faith a feeling of trust,
A feeling of being capable of doing anything!
So when path is hard,
Don’t loose hope because now also you are your half way!
When path is hard be more determined,
When path is hard be more focused!
Not able to find solutions!
Not able to express yourself!
Not able to define the correctness!
Not able to deal with situations!
Are you totally blank?
Are you fed up of everything?
Are you totally depressed?
Are you pathless?
Are you goalless?
Having no hope in your life?
Are you blamed for all bad?
Are you clamined to be worst?
Or even vice-versa!
Just be calm and trust God!
Everything will be fine!
Everything happens by his consent!
He knows everything!
Just trust him and be happy!
He, The Almighty God knows all!
So chill, don’t loose hope!
Just do you karma and be fine!
Be positive and do your work!
Stop thinking about what happened, what’s going on and what will happen!
Just keep going and be dedicated,
Just be calm and keep working!
Because God knows it all,
Because Karma sees it all!
When the path is hard,
Don’t panic be calm!
Hey not getting way out in life,
The path is hard in your life!
Be dedicated and hopeful,
Don’t loose hope and patience!
Just keep on moving ahead,
Just keep working with your full power and potential!
Be persevered and reserved,
Keep away from all negative thoughts!
Just be positive and keep working,
One day you will surely able to reach your goals and be successful one day!
Don’t panic and keep working,
You will surely succeed,
You will surely be able to cross your path and become too very successful one day!
So when path is hard,
Accept the challenge and be dedicated to your karma and keep faith on yourself and trust The Almighty God you will definitely be a great winner one day!
So trust the Almighty God and keep on moving forward,
Because everything is gonna be fine!


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