My heart always aspires for you,
Be it an autumn fall or be a spring fall!
Like a leaf of an autumn fall,
I fall and and you went away!
Like an autumn fall you went away,
Leaving me in disguise!
Forgetting my presence as a history,
You went away like a mystery!
Oh my autumn fall,
Why did you do so!
We were happier together,
Why did you leave me alone!
Alone admist the autumn,
Like a dry leaf I fell!
A leaf without support,
A leaf without any life!
You were my reason to live,
Without you my life a forever autumn fall!
Oh please come back,
Come back like a spring dew!
Make me fall utmost in your love again,
Make me find myself admist the new flowers of all!
A little more to love,
A little more to live!
A little more to strive,
A little more to strengthen my soul!
I will be back again to life,
Like a hornbill in the wintry vibe!
And then you will be mine,
And this time for lifetime!
Oh my autumn fall,
Why you are so!
Making me fall for you,
Even when all my love is in vain!
You know me so deep,
I won’t abuse you that you leave!
A long way to go,
Get ready for some fun you know!
You left me as I was boring,
Behind those minimal puppets of the show!
You were so beautiful like springs,
That you have won a permanent residence in my heartly home!
Your love made me alive,
Felt like you are still by my side!
But you my dear left like an autumn fall,
And just all over nothing more to fall!
Now I am gonna be yours whole life,
Wait for the next spring to arrive!
Will seemingly wait endlessly for you to be back,
Like a fresh spring after the wintry autumn fall!
A leaf of sadness,
A leaf of dryness!
A leaf of hopelessness,
A leaf of anguish!
And here I (leaf) I falled fully,
And the autumn fall made me fall fully!
My heart just aspires for your love and you,
Be it any season my heart just aspires for you!






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