From Flesh to Soul

From Flesh to Soul, Writing about you is not an easy task, but it will put ample sway on your heart that will be everlast. My words are meek to express your appearance, but I can feel every time of your existence.

You are beautiful like roses, and as well as virtuous like muses. When my eyes captured your face first time, your beauty was dazzling but its impact was sublime. Some days had passed very quickly away, now the charm of your face had left the seat and your soul had put on my heart an everlasting sway.

Your face had lost its charm for my eyes, I started to listen to your heart’s silent cries. I found in you that beauty was smiling, but your soul was aching and crying. You opened your burdened heart before me like pages, I read the pages and found a suppressed desire which was waiting for fulfillment for ages.

Since the day you had secured a corner in my empty heart, I made a promise that this was the hand that I would never leave and discard. My meeting was with you as a journey from face to heart, from the heart to soul, from soul to almighty. This was the journey from physical to spiritual. “From the deepest corners of my heart to one of the most concerned person of my life”.


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