From Footpath, The Warrior

You made your Salaam to Bollywood with Salaam Bombay,
Now you have gone teaching us Angrezi Medium.
Your life’s karwana may ended abruptly,
But your life, will never stay a puzzle.
Your absence will blackmail the quality of cinema,
But your Jazbaa, will always keep saying your Qissa.
How strong your presence was in the Bollywood just like a Talvar,
Your work will always stay ideal like the Jungle book of war.
You were Qarib Qarib Single in the fight of your life,
But your wisdom made the devil a madari & the fear your disease hold, you ripped.
You became a Paan Singh Tomar of not only Bollywood, but Hollywood as well.
Now the absence of The Namesake of you will be felt in this Jurassic World as well.
You were a real Slumdog millionaire of this world,
How you were a Ramganj boy went to Hollywood, who created Apna Asmaan, & stood.
The Chehra of you will be seen with the sun with its own line,
That will never fade with the Shadows of Time.

-: Anshul Jain :-

Will miss you Irrfan Sir. RIP


#From Footpath, The Warrior, From Footpath, The Warrior

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