Long ago was someone who was too stranger to me,
Yes he was a stranger to me and my life was just moving away!
Now you seem the savior of my life,
The only one person important in my life!
Oh my saviour,
What to do!
As and when I wanna go away from you,
I come more closer to you!
You’re the most important person in my life you know,
Unknowingly you are the most important person in my life you know!
You were always there for me,
But didn’t knew what and how were you!
You were always there for me,
In all the situations when I needed you!
Oh my saviour,
You are the bestest person in your way you know!
Never got to see you,
But also never wanted to be away from you!
You were always around me,
The only saviour of my life!
You were always there for me,
And please be only there for me always and forever with me!
Hey you were like a blowing wind of love,
The most soothing wind ever felt by me!
Oh my saviour be always there for me,
But please come to me!
Unveil your face and speak to me,
Always be there for me be the most happening happiness to me!
Be there always for me,
Be always my saviour forever for me!
Yes, once we were strangers,
But now you are my life!
The only important person of my life,
Life was good before I met you but its awesome after I met you!
You’re the only solace of my peace my soulmate,
The only love of my life!
When I met you we were strangers,
And now soulmates!
This beautiful journey from being strangers to soulmates,
Oh my darling thank you so very much for your love and support and respect!


Soulmate of Mine

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