Love & Self respect, was taught to me by the one
The one who never possessed them.

Waking up early, late to the bed is her duty
Never ever she thought about her own beauty.

Who wants what she all knows well
But she never really find someone when she fell.

When we enjoy sitting with family eating
She is stuck alone in the kitchen cooking.

To wake others on time, she herself wakes early
No matter how weak she feels, she always shows to be burly.

During the exams of the children , she is most apprehensive
Husband goes for a important meeting & she starts her fasting breaks.

Everybody gets holidays, but that also leads to her work rise
All demands fulfilling, can’t a single be compromised.

But after all her hard work she do in her complete wife
Why she gets to hear that she’s just a house wife?

Maybe we don’t understand the duties she’s braving
In her absence, our life will stop moving.

-: Anshul Jain :-

The Meeting

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