It is not a wonder, he was loyal.
Always work hard, that was his soil.
The second position was never a chance.
Playing, instead of studying, was more than offense.
Always obeying the elders, was his trait
Sometimes that’s what gets him as bait.
A dedicated student was not a luck
Being an obedient child, just like a duck.
He was a perfect person until that day arrived.
Now nobody seems to notice his loyalty,
A missing leg in an accident was all everyone dive.
Now a perfection for him does not stand a chance.
No matter how hard he work he was just a nomad.
Sympathy was all he got rather than empathy.
Losing self morale, came after anti depress media.
Who was missing a part, was hard to understand
People were ignoring him just for that.
But he still had the power to show, & to stand.
He made himself a role model & loyal to himself.
A good software developer, & company CTO came the next.
He understood that life offers you more than you can handle,
But believing in oneself works more than a miracle.

-Anshul Jain

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