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How to avoid CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) infection?

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The corona virus is no longer spreading in China at the same speed as it is spreading in other countries of the world. The virus named COVID-19 has spread around the world.

So far, around 19000 cases of infection with Corona virus have been reported in India. The number of people killed in corona infected in India has increased to 603. Due to the increased risk of corona infection, caution is needed to prevent it from spreading.

For more live status of Cases please visit the link: worldometersinfocoronavirus

Based on information received from the World Health Organization, Public Health England and the National Health Service (NHS), we are telling you ways to prevent corona virus.



Mask COVID-19

Who should wear a mask?

  1. If you are healthy, you do not need a mask.
  2. If you are taking care of someone infected with the corona virus, then you have to wear a mask.
  3. People who have fever, phlegm or breathlessness should wear a mask and immediately go to the doctor.


What is the way to wear a mask?

  1. Masks should not be front-handed.
  2. If you get your hands, then hands should be washed immediately.
  3. Masks should be worn in such a way that your nose, mouth and part of beard are covered.
  4. Even while removing the mask, the mask or the lace of the mask should be removed by touching it, not touching the mask.
  5. Masks should be changed everyday.




Measures to reduce the risk of corona

  1. Viruses similar to corona are spread through drops falling from cough and sneeze.
  2. Wash your hands well
  3. Cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing.
  4. Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth if the hands are not clean.


Corona Virus

Symptoms of corona virus

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) first has fever.
  2. After this there is a dry cough and then after a week, there is trouble in breathing.
  3. These symptoms do not always mean that you have corona virus infection.
  4. In severe cases of corona virus, pneumonia, excessive breathing difficulties, kidney failure and even death can occur.
  5. The risk can be serious in the case of older people and people who already have a disease (eg asthma, diabetes, heart disease).
  6. Similar symptoms are also found in some other viruses like colds and flu.





Prevent Corona

How to prevent corona infection from spreading?

    1. If you have come from an infected area or have been in contact with an infected person, then you can be advised to stay alone.
    2. Stay at home
    3. Do not go to office, school or public places
    4. Do not travel by public transport such as bus, train, auto or taxi
    5. Do not call guests at home.
    6. Ask for someone else’s household item.
    7. If you are living with more people then be more cautious.
    8. Stay in a separate room and clean the shared kitchen and bathroom continuously.
    9. Do this for 21 days so that the risk of infection is reduced.
    10. No such evidence has been found that the corona virus is spread through parcels, baits or food. Viruses such as the corona virus
    11. cannot survive outside the body for much longer.


When the corona virus infection occurs?

  1. There is no cure for corona virus at this time, but medicines can be given to reduce symptoms of the disease.
  2. Until you get well, you should be different from others.
  3. Work is underway to develop a vaccine to treat the corona virus.
  4. By the end of this year, it will be tested on humans.
  5. Some hospitals are also testing anti-viral medicine.
  6. How to avoid corona virus infection?
  7. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
  8. Get the latest information.


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