I Missed You The Other Day

I missed you the other day
And our nights have magical aurae

You have changed me inside out
I filled that caliginosity with my lovely shouts

The burning core inside us
Want you to open my petals with good Arquebus

Those sizzling whispers in my ears
Want between us no more barriers

My delicate & wispy poetry is written in the dusky gloom
And the heat between us is sensually brume

I’m the name which is the cause of your smile
I’m the one who set you, soul, on fire like remembering chamomile

Taste of my love is indelible
Like our intimacy which is evangelical

Your hands writing poetry on my soul
And then you pose for my camisole

The ache of my absence is hitting you every day & night to wish for earnestly
And you told me feelings honestly

Whenever you remembered our sensual, delightful & unexplainable moments
I disrobe my raiment

I can sense your aroma
I can fell your breath
I can touch you
Before we whisper Adieu

Prior revoir you pose me towards you and Smack
And then it comes back to back

You lean on me and
our feelings rise and keen on
It’s a release of sensation
And we were drawing in our emotions to and those memories on. ..



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