Today I want to talk about me.
Who I am, I want all you to see.
I am the one who creates my own destiny.
The one who chooses its own milk & honey.
I am a soul, who have also seen the dark.
Many a times, I am the one, about whom the people bark.
But I leave them behind my back to talk.
My nonchalance leaves them to utter shock.
I am the one who creates its own way.
No matter what it took or what I have to do or say.
Imbecile is what people call me sometimes.
But being different often leads to loneliness signs.
I Seldom doubts my own decisions
But I am the only one who stops my collisions.
I have travelled far, now people call me nomad.
But my alchemy is out of those who thought of being sad.
I am above all that hypocrisy that leads to people worship what they cages.
I am not like those fugitives who desguises to be sages.
I have learnt to lead my life on my own.
Because life is a monologue, that’s what my life have shown.
People comes & went on their own ways, on their own foots.
But making space for them to control you leaves you a sojourn which never stood.
Yes, love is important for me, so I gave it where it is needed the most.
I love me with all I have so that I don’t make its string lost.
Yes. We all are Kingdoms on our own.
But just remember, you must love the most where you’re born.

-: Anshul Jain :-



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