In the Battlefield

In the Battlefield, Standing Lionhearted, Even if the foe is mercy less.
But their Gallantry remains ready for every mess.
The thought of the families comes later on the battlefield.
Expelling the intruders makes their hearts of steel.
The one who even holds kindness for those who destroy.
The one who serves our motherland before families are Indian sepoys.
Destruction is never their job.
Establishing peace around in every heart whoever sob.
Some have old parents to look for.
Some have little angels, neoteric out in the shore.
But they stand United, yet distant with their families on the border.
Their courage, their zeal for our nation can even shrill down a thunder.
Each one of them can kill a hundred with his fortitude.
Their bravery is void of solitude.
Any pain they can swallow, but a single remark over our nation is illegitimate.
Stating this over the enemies’ faces, they don’t hesitate.
Their strength may be taken by the enemies as totally absurd.
But when they kill hundreds of intruders & martyrs themselves pleasantly of our nation, even foes astonishes & says our words

|| Vande Matram ||

– Anshul Jain –


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