Hola life,

How are you? Hope you are going good!

Wait ah! Where do you wait!

You just keep on moving and moving ahead!

Sometimes happy sometimes sad,

All the emotions in a bag!

Seriously life is a wonderful journey to remember,

Otherwise a dreadful dream to never remember!

It’s a journey from nothing to everything,

And again from everything to nothing!

You’re never too old never too young,

Never too early & never too late also!

Just flung away from everything,

Just flew away to everything!

What’s stays forever here?

Not the people, not circumstances, not even your own needs or wants!

Sometimes your shadow also leaves you behind,

This is life which doesn’t have any rules or regulations!

It’s just a journey from Zero to Infinity,

And again from infinity to zero!

People often say when you have everything then also why you say nil,

And when have nothing then also you have everything!

Life is a journey, From subtle to mental,

From mental to subtle!

Everything keeps on going,

Just it’s life which keeps on decreasing!

Life is a journey from A To Z,

From 0 To Infinity!

From hi to bye,

And again a bye leads to another hi!

So life is a journey,

And this journey of life is never ending which keeps on inspiring, depressing, happy, sad, encouraging, discouraging and many other mixed feelings keep on coming and going!

From start till end and from every end a new beginning is there!

So live this journey of life to the fullest,

Be happy and enthusiastic and be happy forever!

Stay positive but learn from negative,

Be fast but not furious!

Life is a journey,

And it’s the journey of life!



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