The desires I had, feels too distant
And the Cancer I have, too close.
Each morning I get up, I thank
Thank to God for offering one more day.
I see too many guys walking around the bay.
They curse their lives because they break up
What do I tell, I even am afraid to sleep
That I won’t wake up.
They name their life a pool of mistakes
What do I tell, I count each step I take.
If there’s life is miserable, what I will call mine
Keep up on medication trying to rise my time.
They threw up money on parties
What do I say,
The medicines is costing my family appetite.
If you call a few mediocre marks, failure of life,
What do I say, I had to stop my studies for the sake of my life.
Do you know how it feels to know that you are limited in here,
It feel like it’s devil with whom your life being share.
We should be happy with our life attitude.
Showing for everything, a life full gratitude.

-:Written By Anshul Jain :-

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