Love with its self-respect- goes hand in hand in all aspects,
Only one can’t maintain its hold- both of them should strong enough and bold…..

Respect all the moves that love performs- the shades of the trust is all confirmed,
The wants of namesake is over now- the rush hours are over and nothing is to awe…..

The barren will and respect is now to bother others- their is the gain of fully grown feathers,
The love will fight for its respect- the cage of the captivity is vanished with Introspect…..

The lies won’t do it for the lovers- the respect is only due for them,
They will soon find the palace of victory- the losing ground won’t bide for them…..

Their is no self-respect of the two alone- their is all respect of the love matters,
It should be continued and controlled- And not allowed to shatter…..

Like blue greeny lake the love is stilled in our deep hearts- it also sustains with daily pledged darts,
The puffs our essence highlights the skies- the love and respect are attached with the strong ties…..


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