Me Without You

The memories of you, I still hold hard.
Don’t tell me I am not smart.
Because your image is beyond every art.
I have so much to say, don’t know where to start.
It’s been 10 years that we are apart.
But your memories without you,
Like I am dragging a cart.
I am a lot grumpy, our children say so.
Now I just sit in a corner, like a old furniture do.
Life without you is just so despaired.
I just loom around here, living the time spared.
Our children will be this changed, we never realised.
They even remember my name, I doubt, will leave me mesmerized.
Sometimes they do talk to me when pention arrives.
They strike over it and get back to their lives.
There’s no one to even hand me a glass of water.
Oh love, I don’t know how, without you, I survive even a quarter.
A man without a woman, is just a blank.
You were the one who came and filled it with laughter plant.
Our grand children are now much older than you must remember,
But, just like their parents, they are also, to me, ill tempered.
Each day I see your frame, hanging on the wall.
How gorgeous you look, just like a doll.
I am just thankful that our children even giving me food to eat.
That’s their only gesture to be called as sweet.
Without you I, don’t have any friend, now a be van.
I just pray to God to see you soon in heaven.

-: Anshul Jain :-


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