My Motherland

– The heroic tales start from a precious land,
-That milestone is called my ‘Motherland’.

– The land I live in– the land you all know,
– The land I always prosper in– the land we all wanna go…
– The land of necklace, earrings and beautiful ‘Bindiya’,
– All the folks called them as my ‘Incredible India’…

– The land of Himalayan crowned mountains-

– with one of the attractive Unity Fountains…
– The sound of the land is like a tuned lark,
– My motherland looks like a fairy spark…..

– The land of the bright minds and folks,
– The land of the historical prestige talks…
– The shape of the land is like a lightning star,
– My motherland looks like a bright landmark…

– The land of the bravery and the unsung martyrs,
-The land of the long ridden slavery warriors…
– The fame of the land Is framed in golden words,
– My motherland guides world like a guardian does…

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