Occurrences, Changes & Mother Nature

Is India going to be the same as before?
I think India is well ahead in the ashore.
The ease & the laughter is still far distant.
The Jovial person within gets afraid now & then.
We have connected with what so long lost.
The natural conversations have a lot boosted.
Now the relationships are much stronger than before.
Merriment nowadays with family rises more & more.
The nature has also opened its wings for all to see.
Now we have understood that to strive, Needed less I, & more We.
The old legendary stories don’t seem to bother anymore.
We enjoy Ramayana & Mahabharata everyday, & their lore.
We all have felt the existence of the Mother Nature.
The debate for its presence has now came to cloture.
Air is cleaner than it used to be.
Now everyone can breathe fresh & easy.
Now everyone has learnt the importance of home.
They now know the importance of calling it safe zone.
Public gatherings & places are still far away to go.
May all remains safe & healthy all wishes so.
Nothing is going to be the same afterwards.
I just wish that the life may soothe like a flying bird.

-: Anshul Jain :-

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Mother Nature


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