Long Beautiful Trees,
Beautiful Sceneries of the environment!
The panoramic views of those beautiful lakes,
Those flowing waterfalls & rivers!
Those awesomely colourful flowers,
Those eye-pleasing sunrises and sunsets!
That snowfalls during winters,
That mesmerizing rain showers!
That pleasure of mouthwatering fruits,
That pleasure of nectar sucking flowers!
Everything so wonderful,
Everything so beautiful!
Everything so pure,
Everything so generous!
Everything so fascinating,
Everything so mind blowing!
Nothing ever tolerated damage,
Nothing ever tolerated deaths!
But now we see death of numerous plants, animals and all living creatures,
No we weren’t their creators and so we also don’t have the right to kill them!
They are a part of this beautiful environment,
They are a part of this god made world!
But now human being is changed,
He for his benefits have started murdering the natural environment!
The suns rays which gave immense pleasure playing for long hours,
Have changed into life destroyers!
The moon and stars too very far away,
The lunar eclipse, The solar eclipse briefling curses upon us!
Now the environment is shattered into pieces,
The natural beauty of it is getting extinct as the time is passing by!
People say natural calamities are due to harsh weather conditions,
But we humans are suffering!
Here also they are complaining,
Not excepting their mistakes!
Making this beautiful heavenly place,
A home of natural funeral and nothing more than that!
Water is being wasted,
Air is being polluted!
Rivers being assassinated,
Earth being haulicinated with hopes of peace!
This is how brutal endings the natural environment is facing nowadays,
Stop it! It’s for you itself!
It was, it is and it will keep on benefitting you forever and ever,
Just take a little bit care!
Plant more trees,
Stop wasting water!
Join hands and start efforts to save it,
Before it’s too late, Seriously before it’s too late!



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