Our Villages

I miss the village I was born in.
In the running life,Villages has left behind.
Only the old pictures are there to remind.
Our Grandparents looks our way
But, we don’t have much for them to say
The old sand there, was so miraculous
It was more than a medicine, & auspicious
Natural peace arrives there
People, so helpful, can never be found here.
Our old friends, we played day and night with
Now, never gets a chance to sit with.
We all remember the old tree
And it’s myths & horrifying story.
Everybody knows everyone, is a reality there
Can we even recall the name of the person who lives next door, in city, here.
Burglary & theft seems like imagination
Taking care of everyone is everyone’s perception.
Nowadays, Villages are changing
They are also not untouched from developing.
Water and electricity Seldom goes now
They are also aware of their rights, what, why and how.
But one thing is there that villages are missing
People are leaving so fast that the left overs are just help seeking.
In the hard time like this, cities are getting much human power and help
But there are many villages who suffering from deficiency of help, & are managing everything by self.

-: Anshul Jain :-

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