He’s my superhero,
And the secret keeper of all my zeroes.
When I fell down, he taught me how
to stand up stronger.
Instead of making boundaries,
He taught me, it’s important to explore.
I’ve seen him work dusk to dawn
To fulfill my needs and wants,
But never heard him say, “I can’t.”
He gets me the most expensive valuables
And for that, he works extra hours instead of taking rest.
I’ve also seen him do the impossibles.
While he taught me, “everything is possible”
If I understand the power of unstoppable.
He’s my magician who can hide all his pain,
He can shine like the sun even when it rains.
He has made me his independent girl
With lots of unuttered sacrifices.
Yes, I’ve got a superhero,
who knows the secrets behind my zeroes.

-Megha P. Yadav

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