Rain full of Love,
It was the purest rain of love.

The moments of fun and enthusiasm,
The moments of peace and enjoyment.

Rain of love it is,
Rain of fulfillment it is.

It was always rain which gave the sight of our first love,
All the meetings of ours were rainy and full of love.

Yes, it’s always has been the rain of love and only true love,
Yes, it’s always have been the moments when we have come closer by souls.

Whether be it meetings,
Whether be it eating on roadsides.

Whether be it our first meeting,
Whether be it our moments of remembrance.

Whether be it our confession,
Whether be it our aggression.

Whether be it peace,
Whether be it any menace.

It was always rain,
It was always rain of love.

The rain that brought us close,
The rain that cleared all our misunderstandings.

The rain which cleared up all our confusions,
The rain made me gain all my confidence.

Yes, it was really rain of love,
The rain filled with just love.

The rain of love,
The rain of gain.

The rain of loss,
The rain of choice.

The rain of love which wrote our story,
The rain of love which binds us and narrates our love story.

The rain of love and truth,
The rain of the utmost beautiful environmental scenes and peace.




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