Real Meaning of Family, Family a small word in English Dictionary,
But a very important word in real life.

It’s the strength to overcome all hurdles,
It’s the strength to make anything possible.

When you are sad,
You go on family picnics and everything is fine.

When you are in a joint family,
You have enormously too many people who shower love on you.

When you are in a small family,
You have your parents and siblings to play with.

But when you belong to a broken family,
You are like a lost wanderer in this world who has everything but no love and real happiness.

Family means the world of real happiness,
Family means the support system which encourages you for good and stops you when you are lost.

#Happy Family Day❤

Real Meaning of Family,


खुशी परिवार था

परिवार एकता और प्यार से बनता हैं


अनकहा”-A solo performance by Ujjval Shukla, YouTube


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