Salient Sacrifice

Salient Sacrifice
Sacrifice is a rainbow,
Radiates different shades,
Each color has it’s a peculiarity,
Elaborates earnest quality.
Mother’s sacrifice is a lightning rod,
Draws love and care,
Dampens in their own image.
Father’s sacrifice dwells,
In telescoping the future of children,
Keeping in mind,
Undying hope of positivity.
Teacher’s sacrifice,
In interweaving himself,
In encouraging students,
His students are,
Lifetime achievements,
He dreams a brightening tomorrow,
Guru is always in front of the row.
Warrior’s sacrifice,
Continues his grim march across LOC,
Stern and stable to serve more and more for the country.
Doctor’s sacrifice,
Carries the impression of almighty,
Being at hand as a helping hand, always attentive in divine duty.
Sacrifice is done by all,
In their apt way,
Life itself a sacrifice,
A desiring, devotional ray.
Meenakshi Kapoor

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