Dear Mummy

Dear Mummy

You are mentor
You are my guarantor
Oh my madre
You are my forefather

Your love is like a mystical moon
And I feel safe like it’s your womb
You turn my worst into best
And with this blessing I’ll live life with happiest rest

You whirl my wry smile
Into a camouflaged chamomile 
Sometime I reflect each others obliquely
But in next moment your words comes to me sleekly 

I know things needs to be change
Lot of ideas around us with disdain
Till time I will stand by my own
Because I am part of your flesh & bone

Deep within my soul
Your thoughts will always blown
One day I’ll call you upon
To let go my inner aune

Oh my dear Mummy
If I could twirl the time
I’ll be with you till existence of Sunshine
And we’ll be blessed with spirits divine.


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Real Happiness

As long as I am alive,
I wish to stay with you forever,
I wish to be yours forever!
I want to be like you forever,
I want to make you feel proud forever!
I don’t wanna live with you forever!
I just wanna sleep in your lap and enjoy my childhood always,
I just wanna eat food of your hands forever till I am alive!
I waana slay all world with you,
I wanna go on the world tour with you on my earned money!
I waana feel the happiness of love and peace with you forever,
I waana make you feel better in all the situations when no one is beside you!
I wanna stay with you forever,
Yes every girl has to leave their mom’s house but I wanna live in your heart forever and ever!
You are my abode of happiness,
You are the only one who cares about me even if I behave fiercely!
You are my only happy place,
The place of immense peace and love!
Although I would leave your house one day,
But then also just stay with me forever in my heart!
This would be one of the blissful blessing which the universe could give me,
Also my 11: 11 Wish is to stay in your heart forever and ever!
Real happiness means mental peace,
And the solace of my mental peace is my mom!
Mental Peace means peace of mind.
When you are really happy from within and when you have a happy and positive surrounding you have mental peace.
It is very important to have peace of mind,
And I always remember my mother as the source of my mental peace.
My moment of happiness!
The wind which soothes my soul,
The sun of success!
The pace of beauty,
And she is the peace of mind I need when I am too very tired and distressed!
She is the one who always makes me feel calm and happy.
She makes me feel better than before.



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