My Tea Family, Admist the havoc of thundering life,
Full of uncountable mishaps and fast pace life just a cup of tea with you my love is blissful!
Spending those couple of moments with you and our favorite cup of tea with our favorite Caravan Radio playing our favorite songs,
May it be cool winters or hot summers or romantic monsoon I have always enjoyed it with you!

In the fast pace life when we often run after our work,
A well planned tea date makes me calm and forget all the tensions!
In the world when all go after dalgona coffee,
I still cherish sipping a cup of tea with you my love!

Now due to lockdown when we all are home,
I enjoy having gingerly spread cup of tea with my family members!
More than family members,
You all are my tea mates with whom I feel too very happy and healthy!

The feeling of sharing the same cup of tea with you my love is really awesome,
Likewise when I see all my fellow mates accompany me in between work hours is a beautiful scene to capture in heart!
Whether be it you, family, colleagues or anyone else,
This just a cup of tea has helped me being a great person in everyone’s life!

Ya, just a simple ginger tea served with love,
Ya, just by sharing a cup of tea with my people I think I have achieved everything and the pleasure is really blissful for me!

#Happy Family Day❤



खुशी परिवार था

परिवार एकता और प्यार से बनता हैं

अनकहा”-A solo performance by Ujjval Shukla

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