The Beauty of Flowers

The Beauty of Flowers, A thing of beauty is a joy forever, this famous quote from young romantic poet Mr. John Keats always fascinates my soul. Many literary scholars expressed their thoughts on a beauty like Immanuel Kant, Longinus in his philosophical treatise On Sublime.

Beauty is not the thing of permanence it changes after a limited time. I would like to give u an example, the flower takes the form of a bud and we consider it beautiful and it becomes an ultimate intimate truth for us but when this bud blossoms into a beautiful flower and reality changes. Now the flower is reality and we have forgotten the bud. I conclude that beauty is a process that develops and its ultimate destination definition.

A bud becomes flower and flower becomes dry and juiceless and its dry seeds hide in the womb of the earth. The hidden seeds of the flower sprouts again. This evolution of flower tells us that the flower is immortal, this ultimate truth that flower is immortal is the complete truth of flower. Based on the above discussion I can say that real beauty is the thing that tells the last truth of everything. In our Puranas and Vedas, it is said that Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

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