The Bus Travelers

Kajal was sitting at the bus stand, again thinking about her decision to leave. This was the 8th time, and 3rd time in a straight that Ravi had slapped her in her 9 months of marriage. Although alike each time, he apologized again, but her heart was not believing it, this time as well. The bus was about to leave, but she was still waiting, for what she don’t know. Just when, a woman, not much older than her came & set beside her. Kajal covered her face with her dupatta, to hide the slap marks. But it was still visible. And that woman noticed it too. She asked, ”So, For which bus are you waiting for?”
Kajal said,” For Jaipur bus…”. The woman said, “The bus is right ahead of you. What are you waiting for?”. Kajal said,” I am waiting for the next”. The woman said,” oh. Have you seen the bus in the corner.” Kajal replied, “Yes, that one which is broken?”. The woman said,” Yes, exactly. Do you know what will happen if that bus will still run?”. Kajal said,” It may end up with an accident.”. The woman said, “An accident which may end up the bus itself, and the boarders in a place from where they may not come back. You know, marriages are the same as vehicles.”. Kajal, now on the verge of tears, asked, “Who are you?”
“Traveler. Of such a broken bus.”

-Anshul Jain

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