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The Kingdoms Of Dark & Light

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Between the heart of the Mountains,
There sits an enormous kingdom
Which is classified into two parts by forest
One who wants dark all around
& the other, which thwarts the dark clouds
But the Prince of the light loves the Princess of dark
Their love till that day was flourishing without mark
But the rise of the sun is hard to be confined
When the Queen of the dark got find
She behest ed her soldiers to destroy the Prince & estate of light
But the Princess, who overheard her ordeal, rebelled to fight
So when it darken in the night, she escaped her demarcation
She ran & ran deep into the forest
To the kingdom of light to inform them about the protest
But the guards of the light thought of her as invader
They imprisoned her without hearing her
When the queen of the dark found her daughter’s absence
She ordered her soldiers to attack light as fast as they can
But she found the guards of light baffling her lure
So she disguised to be an old woman to make her success ensure
She reached the castle to kill the Prince
She was waiting for that moment ever since.
The Prince, unaware of the dark princess presence in the prison
Was sitting with the king in the council to hear King’s envision
So when the dark princess was presented behind the king
He quickly run to her & accepted his love string.
The king smiled, and accepted their love seeding
And announce their quick wedding.
The Dark queen was anguished by this
She thought that overtaking her kingdom is the motive of his.
She quietly came out of the crowd with her sword
And ran towards the prince, as if to deepen the fjords
But the Princess saw her mother running towards where Prince were
She pushed the Prince at the right time, and the sword caught her
The dark queen screamed with agony & disbelief
She didn’t believed what she did.
The Prince was crying with the Princess in his arm
Requesting her to stay alive and warm
The Queen of dark realized his love for her daughter
One way was still there that caught her
She collected her complete power in her heart
& Exchanged the course of death, with her daughter, her real heart.
Now, the Princess got awake, but her mother was about to die
But before dying she blessed the forthcoming king & queen of light.
Now the Prince of Light, & the Princess of dark lives happily into the deep
Hearing this story, the baby sounds sleep.

-: Anshul Jain :-

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The Kingdoms Of Dark & Light

The Kingdoms Of Dark & Light

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