The Man in a Cage

The Man in a Cage

Sitting in here, I wonder.
Feeling the stare at me, I shudder.
Why the monkey is laughing at me.
Is that because I am clogged, & he is free?
I look at another side.
There, some bears were having laughter tide.
Birds were also laughing & chirping.
Child animals were being taught about me while snuggling.
There were being all around me.
But still, I was the only one with me.
I wanted to come out but couldn’t, so only throbbing.
Deep down my heart was envying them, & sobbing.
I was missing my family, my heart was agonizing for them.
I was their only elm.
I don’t know how I ended up in a cage.
With each passing second I fume in rage.
I just couldn’t understand what was happening or what to do.
Just then I read the board at the end, which says Welcome to the Human Zoo.

– Anshul Jain –

The Man in a Cage

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