The Meeting

She woke him early. It was a meeting today.
The duty was calling, so didn’t have much time to say.

Today’s morning was so bizarre for him.
Even in the morning, the sun felt to him so dim.

Although he felt different something.
Maybe his slothfulness still caught him from working.

Although he wanted to say her thank you for everything.
But he thought is there’s wrong in something.

He wanted to embrace her today, & didn’t wanted to leave
But his responsibilities were calling, & so he didn’t cleave.

He wanted to hold her mother’s arms, and crumple in it
Never wanted to look out, & shelved in it.

He wanted to tell her that he loves her,
It was hard for him to hide this, especially from her mother.

He was making extra time to see the children today.
Watching them even sleeping, but he was longing for them to play.

It was hard for him to even speak today as his throat & eyes were welling
But striving to cry was making his heart swallowing.

Today he was mesmerized by the beauty of the morning
It was feeling to him like his last mourning.

Gathering all his office belongings, he left for the meeting,
Wishing love to wife & children and taking parents blessings.


He couldn’t came back from the Taj hotel, where he left for the meeting.
Only the last goodbyes left to his family as his last greeting.

The cries of his children asked several times.
The pretentious strength of his wife often asked.
The vague idea of why it happened asked all the time.
From the God, sun, moon, light, dark & even sand.
That why with the holy name of the Lord, they engulfed the life of their beacon, Son, Father & husband.

-: Anshul Jain :-

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