Time is the limit

Time is the Limit,

Time Wakes me up- Time sleeps me down,
Time shows me the real me- With The dusk and The dawn.

 A stitch in time saves nine
These rapid red veins they all are mine,
Time takes me to all the shelves of hidden success- I follow that path with all the best acts.

– Time is the mate of all those nightingale tones when awake-
Those sweet memories that are still to be made.
Time likes the way I perform the daily pledged shows- With all my might and those voices that I follow.

Time is the limit…
He waits for none- Time will introduce himself as he is the only one.

Time is the limit…
He challenges you to enter the world rage,
You can’t win that buddy as he is the witty riddle and you are only a minimal phrase.

✍kabiryashhh (Yash Sharma)✍

Insta- @kabiryashhh @poets_nation

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