Two Swans

Two Swans lived in a pond with happiness. They cared for each other. They played in the water. They used to get worried if one of them felt restless. They talked to each other for hours in their language. They became sad if they were separated. Some other birds were also living in the pond.

They felt jealous of why the pair of swans were so much in love with each other. Other birds made plans to break their bond. They started to put the seeds of doubt in the heart of the female swan for her partner. The water of the pond started getting black and dirty.

Now swans didn’t talk to each other, spring of love had gone now the autumn of separation took place. Both swans became loveless but in-depth, both were sad because of this changing season. The male swan remained restless in isolation and remembered the days of love.

One day the male swan died because of the unbearable pain of separation and grief. Other birds were happy because they had got success in their motives. The female swan realized that because of her hollow doubt she had lost her love forever.

She always used to think about why he doubted the pure love of her partner based on others. After sometimes she also died. The sun of the swan’s love had set and darkness was everywhere.


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