Unconditional Love of Shepherd

Unconditional Love of Shepherd

Poetry type : Pastoral free verse

A shepherd
A passionate lover
Praises his love

Transpire to live with me
And be my life and soul
To confine
To comprehend eachother
We lovely dove

The galaxy
The milky way
Or the sphere
Yield with love
To let us aware

Azure love and
Divine utterance
Will figure out things
With their preference

Those ancient
eminence and valley
Are going to be
Our gally

We sitting on the rocks
Seeing how the shepherd
Feeds his flocks

Those vary mountains
To its rocks
I’ll attempt those
Anemity of your
Harmonious hark

Glib tributary
And raced down series
Of cascade
Stands for us
From decades

Alluring mellifluous
Avis will squeal
Golden oldie thus

Lovely chenille
Warm cashmere
Lustrous vicuna
With some Egyptian puma & supima

Io cover Amor with
Higher thread counts
To wear thee
And it becomes more softer
Amor with every round

A robe contrived
Whispy floccus
Which arise from
Fairly yoe wool merino & some vicunas

And mauve sandals
To control the trill of cold
With a hook of
Sunshine gold

Thee made these things
To prove their
Bioscopic love
Thee bleep with blithering blith
Like a blimp bloke

These pleasures
May thee move
Ensue to live with me
And be my moon

The shepherds cows & cats
Can frisk and chant
For thy to take
Eachother high

If these illuminating thy
Mind may move
Then live with me
And be my soon
Shepherds heart is
Musing in tune




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Unconditional Love of Shepherd

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