What about the promise you-made?
What about the sayings you said?

Were they all meaningless?
Were they all useless?

The promise you made was never to leave me alone,
But the irony was you left me when I needed you the most.

The promise was to make me smile,
But you left me with just buckets of tears.

The promise was to be together forever,
But the agony of love faded and you degraded your promise.

The promise you made me-was pure,
But the moment you left was bizarre.

Enlisted by your soul you made me a promise to be fine,
But you treated me like an old wine.

You weren’t really my cup of tea,
But I made you mine.

The promise was inevitable,
But you were descendible.

The promise was all in vain,
And I was the one with no gains.

What about the promise-you made?
Were they real or just for playing with my emotions do tell?

I trusted you a lot,
And you broke me a lot.

All promises vanished,
And all reality gained its existence.

Did you ever make the promise with the truth?
Or was that all just a part of your mastermind plan?

The plan was successful and I was pitiful,
Your promise made its way to ending and my life made the way toward its decreasing.





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