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Anup Shah

Communication Designer by Profession
Poet and Calligrapher by passion.

Currently at the position of PRESIDENT and Public Relations Officer of Writer’s Global Movement India Chapter.

Favorite Quote:

मेरा यही अंदाज़ ज़माने को खलता है,
इतना ठोकरों के बाद भी ये सीधा कैसे चलता है।

Amruta Patil

By profession, I’m a teacher and a writer, A housewife, Mumfiee of 2 cuties, and a partly poetess.

I started writing at age of 15. I live in the 16th largest city in Maharashtra(India) located in the eastern Deccan plateau. Recently my writings have been published in anthologies.

My writing genre is basically micro tales and microfictions, but I love to write poetry in free verses as well as in Multilingual. I own my registered website and writing pages on different platforms.

My saying: I believe that words are magical and one can create that magic through their soulful words.

Sakshee Singh

I am a student of class 12th.
I am a Hindi writer.
I love writing because it’s giving me a golden opportunity to express my feelings and clicking moments as well. I haven’t much experience in this field but I m trying to do everything that I can…😇😇😊

Kabir Yash

Hello folks!
My self Yash Sharma(MA English). I have a pen name called Kabiryashhh..
I am a teacher and digital marketer by profession.

Poet, Singer, Songwriter, Actor by passion.

Hobbies are reading books, a cricket fan, and a superbike rider.

My simplicity, cool-headedness, and a hunger to know more
are special features about me.

Special quote:

“नादानियाँ कराती हो और हिसाब भी रखती हो,
मेरे हिन्दुस्तान जैसी हो गयी हो- सिन्दूर भी लगती हो और हिज़ाब भी पहनती हो”…

Alok Santosh Rathaur

Alok Santosh Rathaur is a resident of Kanpur (U.P.). He is a former iOS mobile app Developer.
He shares his emotions through his writings.
He has a YouTube channel named as “Ehsaas Ki Awaaz” a platform where the words melt hearts.
He has also performed at some open mic platforms like YourQuote, Nojoto and Kavyanjali.
He also gets appreciated by the writers of the communities for his writings.

बड़ा सस्ता सा शायर हूं,
जो दो घड़ी दिल लगा ले हमसे,
उनके ग़म ख़रीदकर बदले में,
अपनी खुशियां बेच देता हूं ।

Anshul Jain

Software Engineer, currently studying in Punjab, but home town is Jaipur, Rajasthan. Hobbyist Writer. Loves Reading & Programming. Highly believes in RWPL (Reading, Writing, Programming & Loop). A man with a Thousand tales to tell.

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