Money Money Money is all what you do,
Isn’t it weird that you just want money you know!

Sometimes i think why are you so,
But you are so as you were made so!

Always you wanted to be rich,
But is Money all the riches?

Why money was all what you wanted,
Why never you wanted me!

Why was only money important to you,
Why wasn’t I ever important as money was to you?

Money Money Money,
What the hell money!

Just this one word was what you wanted from me,
I wasn’t a person to love but a money machine to you!

I had loved you,
I cared about you!

And you only used me,
Money, Money, Money was all you wanted from me!

I know you didn’t loved me even for a single minute in your life,
But at least you could have loved me once in your life!

I would have gifted you with all happiness you wanted,
I would have given you the most luxurious life!

But you denied my love for your thirst of money,
But you denied me for your lust for money!

And then we departed to never meet again,
And now that you have everything you want me back again!

You have money now,
You have all the riches and luxuries now!

That was all you wanted?
That was all you needed?

Then why do you need me back in your life now?
Then why do you think I will be back in your life now?

May be you have changed now,
May be you have realized your mistake now!

May be you really do love me now,
But it’s too late for apologies now!

Yeah it’s too late now,
Yeah you have lost me now!

Coming back wouldn’t be possible,
Forcing me won’t be possible!

Now I am gone forever,
Now live with your riches and luxuries forever!

Forget me like a dream,
Now regret and scream!

Loving me was just what I wanted from you,
But you were just busy making riches and betrayal was all you really gave me!



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